Common GoPro Problems

Common GoPro Problems

The GoPro HD Hero line of cameras is truly amazing. You can’t deny it. But with everything that is great, there are always bound to be a few issues and problems. This page will be dedicated to help diagnose any GoPro Problems or issues you may be having with your Hero cameras and get you back out filming your sports and activities.

GoPro SoS Message on LCD Screen

If you see an ‘SoS’ message on your LCD screen, that means that the file you just recorded was corrupted for some reason. At this point, just hit either the shutter or power/mode button and the camera will attempt to fix the corrupted file. This almost always works.

If you continue to have this issue … [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]

GoPro Camera starts recording as soon as it turns on!

If you’ve been messing around in the settings menu of your GoPro Hero camera, you may have accidentally turned on ‘One Button Mode’. One Button Mode is basically there for anyone who has never used a GoPro before or is not too familiar with all of the different settings. This mode forces the camera to automatically begin recording in the default power up mode when you turn the camera on. The shutter button is … [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]

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  1. How do I increase the sound when playing the video on PC. I can hear something but not clear. Is there a setting to increase the audio?

    • If your GoPro camera is in the waterproof housing, the audio will be naturally lower. If the situation allows, you can use the non-waterproof backdoor which will allow the GoPro to pick up audio better and as a result, will be louder.


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