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  1. i have an hd hero 960, it worked fine for a while, but now whenever i put in an sd card, it automatically starts taking pictures and wont let me change any settings on it.

  2. i bought 2 Gopro I digital cameras on Ebay. According to seller they work and are in great condition.
    My son says one camera does not recognize the San Disk 2 gig SD Card (which we bought new at Walgreens). The other camera does recognize it.

    Also when you press the mode button on one of the cameras the camera freezes. Then you have to remove the batteries to restart.

  3. Have recorded video on gopro 3 now when trying to playback on computer a music icon comes up in the Windows Media box and we can hear sound but there is no picture. Can you please help?

    • Sounds like a computer software issue (maybe). Make sure all of your drivers on your computer are updated (especially those related to media playback).
      You can also try plugging your GoPro into the TV and ensuring that the video files are being properly saved.


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