GoPro FAQs

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the GoPro Hero cameras.

Q: Will the GoPro 3D System work with two different cameras i.e. the Original HD Hero Camera and the HD Hero 2 Camera?

A: Unfortunately, the answer is no. You need to use two of the same cameras. Currently, you can only use 2 Original HD Hero Cameras. You will soon be able to use two GoPro HD Hero 2 Cameras.

As always, for additional information and answers to other questions not listed here please visit is an online forum dedicated to the GoPro with lots of active members who post about the GoPro.

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  1. I purchase a GoPro Hero3 white with Sandisk microSDHC Ultra 32gb.
    I head a lot of good things and review about this little high end video camera
    thats why I was encourage to buy one and give it a try. I was impressed with the video
    quality but I am not happy when i played the video footage I have taken. First I tried 1080p
    and 720p resolution both 30 and 60 f/s. The quality is really is good but during playback
    of this footages using the 2 sets of resolutions, the video playback is frequently shuttering and going in frame by frame sequence.I tried to play them on a a different PC but the result are the same. Can you tell me how this playback problem can be corrected.Is it on camera setting that I need to enable before taking videos or my unit is defective. My other observation is the 2 white button indicators infront of the camera. Can you tell me what they are , mine doesn’t lite up or indicating any signal during playback or recording. Appreciate any response from you. Thanks and Merry Christmas

    • Hi Rene,
      Since the quality of the video files is so good and the file sizes are so large, most computers have trouble playing back 1080p and larger video files. Try plugging your GoPro into your TV and you will see there is no lagging.
      You can try shooting in 720p as well. The files are smaller and your computer will have less difficulty playing back the files.


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