GoPro Hero 2

Congratulations on purchasing the GoPro Hero 2 camera! It’s similar to the Original Hero but is better in every way.

Follow these steps to start using your camera!

1. Purchase and install an SD memory card into the SD card slot in the camera. To read more information about SD cards and view my suggestions on which ones are best for the GoPro camera, click here.

2. Install the battery into your GoPro Hero camera. It should come with enough charge to start shooting but it is recommended that you plug it in and charge it fully. You can charge it by plugging in the supplied USB cable into your computer.

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3. Familiarize yourself with the buttons, indicators and ports on the camera (x4 LED recording lights, shutter/select button, LCD status screen, HDMI port, SD card slot, power/mode button, 2.5mm composite port, microphone, HERO port, USB port, battery door, buzzer, 3.5mm external mic input). Getting used to how the shutter/select and power/mode buttons function is important.

4. Familiarize yourself with the icons and what they all mean (video, photo, burst, time lapse, self timer, settings). Knowing these icons will help ensure you’re in the right setting.

You can use the supplied HERO 2 manual to get most of the information you need to get started as well.

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