GoPro SoS Message on LCD Screen

GoPro SOS Error Message

If you see an ‘SoS’ message on your LCD screen, that means that the file you just recorded was corrupted for some reason. But don’t panic! Your file might still make it! At this point, just hit either the shutter or power/mode button and the camera will attempt to fix the corrupted file. This almost always works. You won’t find these instructions in the GoPro manual though since it was a late addition to the Hero camera right before product launch.

If you continue to have the GoPro SOS issue on an almost regular basis, make sure that you have the latest firmware installed on your GoPro. The firmware updates tend to fix any old bugs or issues that have been found by GoPro and their users. That’s why it’s important for anyone who experiences any sort of issues to contact GoPro. This way all of the issues and problems are taken care of.

GoPro SOS Error MessageThere have been a few updates released from GoPro to reduce the chances of the GoPro SOS message from appearing.

Another possibility is that your SD card is not good enough for the GoPro camera. Check out our GoPro SD Card Information page to make sure your memory card is suitable and meets all the minimum requirements for the GoPro Hero Camera.

If none of those above methods work, try reformatting your SD card. Sometimes if you’ve used the SD card in another device before using it in your GoPro, there are some small files that are left on the card that the GoPro may not like or work with.

These files could be causing the GoPro SOS error on your camera.

Reformatting the card basically wipes the card clean as if it were brand new and deletes these files.

Hopefully one of these solutions will help you get rid of the GoPro SOS error message.

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  1. I had an SOS error after taking a nose dive of a 30 ft jump w skis. I am ok, however I made the error of trouble shooting on my own without reading about the error. When I turned the camera back on I removed the SD card and poped it back in. It removed the SOS error that I know now it would have fixed the corrupt file. Is there anyway to re-trigger the sos message for that file? Any other suggestions?

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