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Welcome to GoPro Help – your number one source for answering your GoPro questions. If you need some GoPro help, this website is designed to provide you with additional information not mentioned in your GoPro manual to allow you to get the most out of your GoPro HD Hero camera! Sometimes there are problems that come up that aren’t mentioned in the GoPro manual. That’s where GoPro Help comes into play. We cover some of the most frequent issues, errors and problems fellow GoPro users have ran into.

We are also part of which is the ultimate GoPro forum. Be sure to join the interactive online community where you can discuss the GoPro Camera with other enthusiastic members and post your videos for everyone to see!

GoPro HelpIf you have other questions or need additional GoPro Help that isn’t described on this site, posting your question on the GoPro Forum will get you an answer usually in the same day!

Stay tuned for some great new upcoming content, tips and tricks regarding the use of your GoPro camera! There is a lot of cool stuff not mentioned in the manual to ensure you get the best absolute footage. If you have another issue that you would like to see covered, be sure to contact us at GoPro Help with your issue and we will do our best to write up a solution or fix to your problem. This site is built to help you troubleshoot your problems and get you back shooting video in no time.

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GoPro Help is here to get you back out there capturing awesome footage!

16 thoughts on “GoPro Help Home”

  1. Just purchased a LCD Bac pac for my son . at first when he hooked it to camera it worked but stopped working within an hour. Do I need to return or is there something we can do to fix this.

    • Hi Joe,
      Thanks for your question. I will direct you to
      It’s an online forum dedicated to the GoPro camera and all accessories.
      Ask your question there and I’m sure you will get a bunch of suggestions.
      As a starter, I would make sure you’re running the most recent version of GoPro firmware. Also, if it was working at first and then stopped working, I’d make sure the connection between the camera and the LCD bacpac is still good.

  2. Hey. I jst bought the gopro 3. Everytime I record a video, it stops within 10-13 seconds into the video. How do I change the settings to where it keeps recording?

  3. Joined GoProFanatics but cannot figure out how to post new question.
    In meantime perhaps you can help.
    My GoPro 3 Black works great…video and audio.
    Have installed Touchscreen BacPac and it works great…except that there is no audio stream and the touchscreen bottom right icon is an audio icon that says “OFF”
    I have scoured the BacPac manual and GP3Blk manual but nothing on turning on audio on BacPac.
    There is a menu item for sound…but that is only for notification beeps.
    Anyone have a fix?

  4. I bought my gopro hero last fall. I have noticed the video is blurry, I have changed setting with no luck. Could I have a defective gopro. Thank you

  5. I believe I filmed stuff yesterday and now the camera wont turn on. Tried to charge but don’t know if it did because nothing is happening. It just sits there like a paper holder. How do I know if there is a battery problem of is there a problem with the camera itself so it wont turn on?

  6. When i turn my Gopro Hero 1280 on, it tuns on with video icon but the red light keeps flashing about every 2 seconds. Also can not change from video mode to ay other mode unless i turn off and take out the card then switch on again. Also each time i turn on the Gopro the digits increase by one ( eg : switch on digits on 001, light blinks every 2 seconds, rapidly press power on button, get a blip each time i press power button, turn off then turn on again and digits have gone to 002 ) please advise.


    • I am having the same issues with my hero 3t I changed my settings around abit and made it a looping video and that worked but then my video weren’t saving

  7. I have the Hero 3 camera. I used it last night while driving after dark. Good sound and video but when playing back on my PC, the video plays for about 1 1/2 seconds, then stops for about 1/2 sec and then keeps repeating this go & stop sequence for then entire 2-3 minute video.

    • Hi James,
      In response to your other comments, we are not GoPro but simply a site that provides additional help.
      With that said, did you see a red light while charging?

  8. can not down load up dates for hreo3 black edition followed directions but will not allow me to down load


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